Bonus Spin Offs, Mir’s Summer Part A

Bonus Spin Offs, Mir’s Summer Part A

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It had taken longer to get to Lekas than Mir thought it would. A day of heavy rain had forced them to stay sheltered, though the grass hut that Gweth had made for them proved insufficient to the task. Due to the situation back home they had been forced to leave without the proper supplies. By days end the rains had mostly stopped, they were soaked and most of their equipment was likewise wet. Gweth had insisted, when the weather had first turned against them, that they needed to protect Mir’s bow, she had woven a couple of small mats. The bow had been wrapped in one of their two blankets, then the mats and the bow remained mostly dry.

The temperature had dropped a bit as night fell and the wind picked up, blowing from the northeast. Their attempts to get a fire going had failed. They had eaten only a bit of food, gathered from around the area where they had set up their shelter and the two of them were soon shivering, even though summer was well settled. It had taken the last of Mir’s energy to help Gweth gather enough grass to line the bottom of their shelter, again. Together they had huddled under the one, mostly dry, blanket and they had eventually succumbed to sleep.

The next couple of days had been rough, though they did manage to get dry, find enough food to restore some of their energy and continue on their way to Lekas. Thank the gods for her bow. Mir was not skilled enough to hunt, Gweth had been able to shoot a few birds and while they had lost two of the arrows and another one broke, there were only a couple more days of travel to reach Lekas.

Gweth had said little during their journey so far, she remained in a dark mood, there were often sparks of anger in her eyes. Mir could not help but worry about her family and the rest of Aramy, her mood was little better than Gweth’s. While they had not talked much, the two of them did become closer during the trip. It was not something that either one of them acknowledged, but mutual need for comfort and the rigours of surviving on the land drew them together.

Tired and hungry they had arrived in Lekas in the evening, shortly before sunset. The village had been smaller than Mir was expecting. The people were friendly enough and when she inquired about Del she had been directed to the small keep near the commons. Crossing the green they had noted a number of people were camping there, for the most part they were young men and women. There were a couple of large families as well. One family looked like they had only recently arrived as they were setting up a large tarp shelter with the help of some of the locals. It was clear that something was amiss, this was not a gathering for a festival. Many of the people she saw carried weapons and there were signs of ongoing building projects. From snippets of conversation she overheard, Mir suspected there was going to be a fight or battle of some sort. She thought, hoped, that the people of Lekas may have already heard the news of the mind-witch in Aramy and would be set to help rid her people of the sorceress.

Beside the keep she spotted a nice carriage, it seemed a little out of place next to the two small wagons and handcarts that were nearby. The doors to the keep were open. The lower level was a stable, with a number of horses and a couple of handfuls of people gathered along and near the stairs leading to the upper levels. Some sort of meeting was underway, the person at the top of the stairs was relaying what was being said in the room above to the folks below. Everyone seemed of serious demeanour, while she and Gweth received a couple polite nods from some of the people, most were intent on what was being said.

In the low light of the stable lantern Mir saw a pair of siblings near the bottom of the stairs, their look was similar, it seemed likely they were twins. Certainly they seemed of a similar age, their bearing and even their clothing mostly matched. Both of them regarded the two new arrivals.

Mir approached, “Hello. I’m looking for Del?”

She was shushed immediately by a number of people on the stairs. One of the twins scowled up at them and the other gestured to Mir and Gweth to follow her outside.

“I apologize, I did not intend to be rude, but I need to speak to Del. It is a matter of some urgency.”

“No matter, all the old folks are just bent out of shape with everything that’s going on.” Said the twin behind her.

The girl stopped beside one of the wagons, a few paces from the entry to the keep. “Where have you two come in from? I don’t recognize you.”

“We came from Aramy Crossroads, I’m Dresmend’s daughter.”

“The cooper?”


“Welcome to Lekas. Del is in the keep. I don’t think the meeting will take much longer.”

The brother added, “We’ve been expecting a couple of our people back from Aramy with the year’s wood shipment, they’re many days overdue at this point. Has there been an injury?”

Mir bit at her lower lip, “No, sorry, I don’t know about your peo-”

A loud, pleasant voice from within the keep interrupted her, “Alright people, that’s it for the day. Go find your beds, tomorrow will be here all to soon. Omdins, if you’re still here, come on up.”

“That’s us.” Said the brother.

“Come up with us, Del will be there.” Offered the sister.

“Well, if you’re sure?”

“Yup, let’s just wait for the rabble to clear out.”

A dozen and a half people left the keep. Many had worried expressions and a few talked to each other in low voices as they walked past. A tall thin man, the musician Del had brought to Aramy, and a large woman were the last two out of the keep. The musician stopped momentarily, “There you are, Andisal wants your report. Just be warned, she is in a mood this evening.”

The sister said, “Thanks, Lef. You two sleep well.”

Then the twins lead her and Gweth up into the keep.


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