Winter 2023 Art Contest

Winter 2023 Art Contest

Winter 2023 Art Contest (Closed)

What? An original art contest!

When? From January 2nd 2023 to February 13th 2023.

Who? You! Everyone is welcomed to submit content.

Where? On the FreeHolds Adventure Discord, in #contest-submissions.

Why? For a chance to win art from Starper.

Create art based on FreeHolds Adventures, using the content (stories, comics, lore, etc) found on the website.

Design characters, locations and/or objects, or create works based on preexisting art.

You have until February 13th 2023 to post your piece/s in the proper discord channel with your credits. You will be contacted privately via discord if you win.

Your work will be shared on our discord server, and should you win, on our website and ko-fi as well. You will be credited using the information you have provided. Please keep this in mind when submitting content.

Winners will be announced during Starpers monthly livestream on March 3rd 2023, and then contacted. Prizes not claimed by March 6th 2023 will not be awarded.


Prizes :

1st Place : A small digital illustration by artist Starper, valued at 75$.

2nd/3rd Place : A digital flat coloured fullbody of a single character by artist Starper, valued at 40$.

Honourable Mentions : Will be featured on the website, but shall not receive any prizes.

All winners and Honourable Mentions will receive the corresponding role on our Discord server.

Do NOT :

  • Use AI in any part of the process (Exceptions will be made for an AI that is legally recognized as an autonomous individual.)

  • Create NSFW content (18+, gore, etc).

  • Use premade art (bases, Your Character Heres (YCHs), etc) nor art made before the contest.

  • Submit writing or writing based entries (text blocks, visual novels, etc).

  • Make video submissions longer than 5 minutes.

  • Submit your work after February 13th 2023, it will not be accepted.

Do make your piece :

  • Original

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Of any visual medium (paintings, sculptures, animatics, etc)

You may also :

  • Make it dynamic

  • Make it complex/detailed

  • Focus on scenery, composition or backgrounds

  • Submit more than one piece, but no more than one will be selected

Timeline :

Submission period :
January 2nd 2023 to February 13th 2023

Review period :
February 14th 2023 to March 2nd 2023

Winner announcement/contact :
March 3rd 2023

Prize claim :
March 3rd 2023 to March 6th 2023

Prize delivery :
March 6th 2023 to March 20th 2023

Starpers Terms of Service :

Do not use their art with NFT/Crypto/Blockchain/AI technology.
Do not profit/sell/redistribute/print their art.
Do not claim it as your own.
Share it with credit.

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