FreeHolds Adventure, Cycle 1 Part 9c

FreeHolds Adventure, Cycle 1 Part 9c

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According to Tipper Adwin’s knee had not been broken, just badly bruised. She had recommended a couple of days bed rest and a few more past that where he did not engage in too much activity. He had been too tired to care much that first evening, though by the end of the first full day of rest he had felt somewhat resentful of being stuck in bed while they were out and about exploring the city.

Mokha had spent much of the first couple of days enjoying the comforts of civilization, and getting to know what was going on in GreensBridge. One of the biggest issues citizens were talking about was the pending Tannican invasion of the city. Word had arrived, less than an eight-day past, that a Tannican army had in fact been marching towards GreensBridge most of the spring and summer. It was estimated that the army would likely be on the west plateau by mid autumn. Though there was many differing opinions; some speculated that they would stop short of GreensBridge at one of the smaller outlaying towns, while others were suspicious of the Tannican District citizens and thought there might be an uprising from within. The news and increasing distrust of folks with Tannican ancestry had made Mokha reconsider his plans to work for the family that had employed him and Shak previously or to work the winter in some other rich Gor or Kar household.

Mokha had also kept track of Raven’s whereabouts, informing Adwin that she was typically in the north end of the city and surprisingly she was periodically undetectable. When Adwin asked what that meant the Aggedrah said it was likely tied to a location that she frequented. Perhaps one of the ancient Eldra buildings, still enchanted with protective magic. It was also possible that a living mage was working with the women. Or, maybe, some sacred site protected by the gods, possibly a temple. He assured Adwin that when his knee was better that they would investigate further.

Tipper stuck to the university and the streets surrounding it, trying to get a feel for the area and what was expected of her in order to gain access to the library. She was gone from shortly before sunrise and returned shortly after sunset both days. She seemed tired and worn out at the end of the day, the city and it’s crowds bothered her even though the campus had fewer people around it than the rest of the city. It all left her in a withdrawn and grumpy mood by days end.

For Adwin the days passed slowly, he snoozed on and off and periodically flexed his knee. A young woman in the employ of the inn stopped by to check on him, morning and afternoon. She looked after his bedpan, brought meals and took the time to chitchat with him, even offering to feed him. Though he refused being feed as he was more than capable of doing that himself. She seemed nice and might have been flirting with him, but maybe it was just her job, he had started to be suspicious of people’s motivations.

His knee had felt much better by the third morning, but still a bit painful to walk on. The inn had a small dining room, though one of the nearby taverns provided the food. He had his meals there, breakfast with Tipper, midday and evening meals he took alone at a small corner table and watched the other guests as they dined. He also was able to go see the horses, he spent much of the next couple of afternoons brushing their coats and talking to them. Most importantly he could make it to the shitters on his own.

By the fifth day Adwin was able to walk around the block and down to the small park at the edge of the university grounds, he enjoyed watching people come and go. He had also come to the conclusion he might need some better clothing and a barber, folks were well dressed and trim in this area of the city. Twice guards had questioned him, making sure he knew that he was not allowed to busk or panhandle in this area. When he told them where he was staying they had both reacted with surprise and looked him up and down, one of the guards had assured him that he would be confirming the situation with the inn.

The evening of their fifth day in the city, the three of them sat together in the dinning room, it was a nice meal and they enjoyed a sweet desert and a couple of drinks after the main course. Mokha mentioned there was unrest in the Tannican District and that he had been having trouble from some of the citizens, as well a couple of the city guards had been unfriendly towards him. Tipper mentioned that she would have to attend the university as there was a daily charge to use the library, for a non citizen it was fairly expensive. Adwin had mentioned his need for clothing and they all seemed to feel they were in the same boat in that regard. Tipper suggested they go through their gear and assets and figure out what they would need and the best way to proceed after their present tenancy expired.



Tipper divided the sum she had received from the sale of the extra horses and though it was considerable, it was not enough for them to maintain their present lodgings through the winter, not with the extra cost of stabling four horses. That still left a small collection of jewellery and the cosmetics, though they were unsure of the value and thought the items might be better for barter, depending on who they had to deal with.

Tipper had enough resources to do what she wanted; clothing, university fees, lodging and stabling. Her intent was to stay at a woman’s dormitory a few blocks from where they were presently lodged, just west of the university. She could stay there and be feed for a fraction of the cost an inn would charge.

Mokha had more than enough for clothing, lodging and stable fees, but he really wanted to replace the battered lute Lef had given him with a traditional Tannican sitar. He was unsure he had the funds for that and was unsure he would even be able to find one for sale. He also mentioned that he would be willing to forgo the sitar and instead purchase a different instrument leaving a considerable sum that he would give to Adwin. He also was not overly concerned about finding work. There were many well to do folks within the city, outside of the Tannican District, that would be willing take care of his basic needs, as well pay him handsomely for entertainment throughout the winter.

Adwin immediately refused Mokha’s offer, Tipper rolled her eyes at that but did not say anything. Adwin was keen to go after Raven and Celestial and reclaim his belongings, Mokha did point out that most of his stuff had likely been pawned or traded. Adwin might have had enough for a modest room and board situation, though clothing and any extras were out of the question. He knew he would need a job, though he was unsure what he could do in the city. He certainly could not afford stable fees, keeping a horse in the city was very expensive. He also needed to get some decent clothing.

The other two made a few suggestions; If he was planning on living in an affordable place he might not need new clothing. The horses could be sold, that would relieve a large financial burden from all of them, freeing up more that enough money for decent lodgings for he and Mokha throughout the winter. He might be able to work with Mokha if he would sing and dance, or do menial work in the same household that hired Mokha. He was unsatisfied with all of these suggestions, he wanted to get his money, sword and treasures back from the thieves.

Mokha even offered to buy the heart tree nut the goblins had given him but surprisingly Tipper refused to allow that transaction to happen. She was angry and also refused to justify her reasoning, Mokha dropped the subject after seeing Tipper’s response. Adwin also had the other gifts from the goblins, but the value of such was not known and he also felt bad with the idea of selling the nick-knacks.

Tipper did point out that Adwin would be able to get a job with little problem, pointing out he was not afraid of hard work, he was good with the horses and he was also functionally literate. Still, Adwin did not know anyone in the area, who would employ a stranger?

It all left Adwin feeling moody and confused, he was still richer than he had been for most of his life but felt poor despite knowing better. At the very least he would have to get some new clothing in the local styles and clean up his appearance if he was going to get a job. He went to the stables to see how the horses were doing, despite the late hour.


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